Roland TR909 and TB303 Reissues Coming?

Looks like it      31/08/16

Roland TR909 and TB303 Reissues Coming?

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Only 10 days until Roland's 909 (9th September) 24 hour live streaming gear-a-thon release day. It looks like, if these images leaked and found on Reddit/synthesizers are to be taken at face value are true. Interesting idea considering that the TR-8 actually has both the 808 and 909 voices on board, perhaps there's a need for a dedicated TR-909 livery - I guess Roland will have run a few focus groups to see. But it does seem like a curious move.

TB303 2016

There's also a similar "leaked" image of a possible TB-303 - again we assume this is an AIRA (ACB modelled) version with a more 303 like look, as opposed to the green and black TB-3.

For the full reveal, check out Roland's live event on the 9th Sept


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