How About A Korg MS4000?

DIY project combines MS2000 and MS2000r to make a virtual analogue monster      09/09/16

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Proving just how practical and resourceful Yorkshire people can be, Nathan from Zafrosoundz Music in Barnsley has been in touch to tell us about a DIY project in which has built a custom synth using his much loved Korg MS2000's to create a virtual analogue monster.

Nathan told us, "I had this idea in my head for several years after buying the MS2000r and as luck would have it a friend of mine sold me his keyboard version this year. My project then started, with a scrap of paper some sketchy ideas and some reclaimed wood. With a small woodworking station in my garage and a lot of time and effort this is what I came up with."

What you all think of this? Comments below, please...


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