BPM 2016: Korg Volca Kick Shakes The Room

New in the Volca line, moves some air      12/09/16

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Also just announced and in rare supply, the Korg Volca Kick, takes Volca specialism to a new niche with the Volca Kick.

With the analog engine based on the Korg MS20 resonant Low Pass filter, it has three elements to make a sound, the attack portion adds the click, the Resonator the massive pitched resonant sweep, and the pitched tone.

Combined, they create a pretty massive low end, we were standing on the stage near the Funktion 1 subs and it was viceral. The 16 step sequencer gives you some basic patterns, with the touch FX adding time division rolls and breaks, plus the usual Volca motion sequencing for variation.

Capable of kicks plus some very impressive low end bassline stuff, its available in October priced at around £139.




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