Roland Updates JD-Xi Synth

See the newly-added functions in this video      07/10/16

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Roland has updated its JD-Xi synth and has added new functions in version 1.5, which can be seen in the video above.

Additional Added Functions

  • Interactive Chord function
  • Transpose function
  • Shuffle function
  • Side Chain Compressor function
  • Startup Program function

Bug Fixes

  • When Mode on the CLICK menu is set to ALWAYS, changing the setting of Sync Mode on the MIDI menu from SLAVE to MASTER results in clicking being sounded continuously.
  • Holding down the [Erase] button and stopping a pattern results in Erase remaining flashing.
  • When recording is conducted after a batch delete of patterns, a part other than the currently selected one is recorded.

Pricing and Availability:
JD-Xi Version 1.5 updater can be downloaded here.

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