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Korg posts part 2 of their Kronos synth tutorial series      11/10/16

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Following on from Part 1, Korg has posted part 2 of their KRONOS tutorial series with Jon Shone - Building Stadium Sounds Part 2 – Combination Mode. This time, they are looking at putting together a big sounding combi using the programs created in part 1.

A spokesperson told us, "As the Musical Director for One Direction, Jon Shone has toured the world playing some of the world's biggest gigs. In this video series, he gives an insight to how he uses the KORG KRONOS on the One Direction tours and a beginner's guide to editing and creating sounds fit for a stadium tour. Maybe most of us will never get to play a stadium gig, but we can but dream. In this second video, Jon shows how he uses some of the programs covered in video one, to build his big Combination sounds."

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