Erica Synths Pico System Review

It may be small but its got a lot to offer      17/11/16

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The Erica Synths Pico range of modules was first introduced at Superbooth last year. We were super impressed by the amount of features they managed to fit into such a small case that we just had to try it out for ourselves.

The Pico System that I received is a sinlge mono voiced, 2 filter, 4 drum part system with an integrated 16-step sequencer, polyrhymic trigger sequencer and DSP effects. This all fits into a 42HP system!

The digital oscillator has 32 different waves so it adds quite a bit of flexibility, they all sound very useable. So although you dont get some of the features of a more expensive digital oscillator you still get a lot of bang for your buck.

The drum modules make this machine very flexible too, allowing you to change up your samples for either your own samples or a free set of samples.

One module that really pulls this whole thing together is the DSP effects. It's great and add some polish to a system that could sound quite flat without it.

The small format of the system definitely does have its negatives; it can get quite fiddly and sometimes it can be difficult to know what is going on with all those patch cables in such a small area. However I have freakishly small hands so I don't find it too difficult to navigate... I guess thats the price you pay for getting so many features in such a small amount of space.

Each one of the modules is a slightly different price point and with the pound flunctuating so wildly at the moment is it difficult to say exactly how much this full system would cost. However the more fully featured modules range from around £100-130 and the cheaper modules such as mixers and VCAs are around the £50-£80 mark.

I'd like to add a disclaimer, I definitely missed some of the features but there is just so much in this instrument that I couldn't fit it all into a reasonable amount of time. Erica Synths also have some great walkthrough vids of most of the modules on their site.

For more info visit Erica Synths

Edd Butterworth

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