Credit Card-Sized Synth

Tiny TS has a 1-octave capacitive touch keyboard      30/11/16

Credit Card-Sized Synth

Buying Choices

Anyone looking for a Christmas present for a synth fan may have already seen our review of the new Modal Craft but now there's another contender in the shape of the Tiny TS, a credit card sized (100x65mm) fully open-sourced synthesizer with a 1-octave capacitive touch keyboard.

It has Audio/CV/Gate outputs and 6 synth parameter dials.

Designer, Janost@DSPsynthesizers, says that if you don't like the onboard sound of the synth, the CV's output 1V/oct and Gate from the keyboard so teams well with his other oscillator chips.

The synthesizer parameter knobs are:

  • DCO: Coarse pitch and Double. The CV out follows the keyboard and coarse pitch.
  • DCF: Filter peak and ENVmod.
  • ENV: Attack and Release affecting amplitude.

Pricing and Availability:
$20 for the PCB only.
$30 for PCB and a preprogrammed chip.
$50 for full kit with all the parts.
$60 prebuilt plug&play.

Estimated availability on December the 1st.

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