Sonicstate Release Wave Junction - A Max For Live 4 Voice Synth - You Can Buy It Here

4-voice paraphonic synth,2 osc, 3 filters,5 LFO, 5 ENV + 12 slot matrix      13/04/17

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We're very delighted to bring you our very own instrument -  Wave Junction,  a 4-voice paraphonic synthesizer for Max For Live.

After our first free Mono Junction synth, we teamed up again with coding whiz Phelan Kane of Meta Function. We've created a new device that runs in Max for Live inside Ableton (you need both).

Priced at just £19.95, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. You can Buy it here (paypal + credit card)

Wave Junction FeaturesWave Junction Modulattion Matrix

  • Two Multi-wave Oscillators (waves) plus user Wavetables and FM.
  • Three Multi-Mode Filters - can be run either series or Parallel each with:
  • LP/HP/BP 2+4 Pole
  • Transistor Model 24dB
  • Diode model 18dB
  • 5x syncable LFOs - yes FIVE!
  • 5 ADSR Envelopes
  • 12 Slot Mod Matrix with fourteen sources + thirty destinations
  • OSC sources - Saw/Pulse/Tri/Sine all with Super variants for detune density
  • Wavetables: 16 preset waves, plus user uploadable wavetables (coming soon)
  • Variable Ratio FM depth for each wave combine to create rich sources
  • Great sounding filter types: LP/HP/BP 2/4Pole, Transistor and Diode with distinct resonance character
  • Cohesive integration with Ableton Push


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