New Midge Ure Orchestral Album Released

Titled Orchestrated - Produced with Sonic TALK's Ty Unwin      05/12/17

Midge Ure's Orchestrated Album has just been released, its a collection of songs by the Ultravox frontman and contains re-interpretations of some of his classic tunes, including several Ultravox classics. Midge has been writing and producing for over 30 years so has a large back catalog of pop anthems to choose from.

The album was made in collaboration with composer and arranger Ty Unwin, a regular guest on our Sonic TALK podcast, he's been working on it for the last 2 years - not the sort of project that comes up too often. The new arrangements feature full orchestral instrumentation - a speciality of Ty Unwin who regularly works with full orchestration on his composition for Tv and film.

The orchestra was recorded in Bulgaria, after the demos were done using Ty's extensive in the box orchestration skills.

Midge is no stranger to working with full orchestration either: at London's Proms and also with the Royal Scottish Orchestra at the Ryder Cup opening.

The reviews are good, with the quality of Midge's songwriting and vocal performances  especially standing up to the treatment - he doesn't shy away from those tricky high notes.

Its a quality release, we hope to talk to Ty about the process in the near future.

In this interview on BBCs Breakfast yesterday Midge talks about it, interestingly Midge tells of how all the songrwiting royalties from  "Do They Know Its Christmas" goes to the Band Aid trust - and that's a LOT of money over the 33 years - top tip, if you want to make $$ write a Christmas hit...

Available through all digital outlets:

Orchestral Track Listing:

  1. Hymn (Orchestrated) 6:56
  2. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes (Orchestrated) 5:04
  3. Breathe (Orchestrated) 4:47
  4. Man of Two Worlds (Orchestrated) 4:47
  5. If I Was (Orchestrated) 5:15
  6. Vienna (Orchestrated) 5:08
  7. The Voice (Orchestrated) 5:19
  8. Ordinary Man (Orchestrated) 4:33
  9. Death in the Afternoon (Orchestrated) 7:07
  10. Lament (Orchestrated) 4:30
  11. Reap the Wild Wind (Orchestrated) 4:01
  12. Fragile (Orchestrated) 6:20



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