Sonic State Music Tech News

Akai Releases iMPC Pro 2

Update to app adds vocal tracks, support for Audio Units, and a new design

Binaural Recording Headset For iOS

Apogee and Sennheiser have co-developed the AMBEO SMART HEADSET

Kilohearts Releases Slice EQ Plugin

Surgical grade equaliser shapes the frequency content of your channels, busses and mixes

16-Voice Textural Synthesizer

Sugar Bytes describe Aparillo synth for Mac and Windows as the Cinematic Machine

Bastl Kastl Version 1.5 Announced

Funky mini synth from Czech Republic

Podcast: Sonic TALK 517- The Three Finger Drag

Audionamix Stems, Arturia Sound Easel, Moogfest stream, Audio Swift

iPad Editing For Roland Synths

Patch Base app adds editors for Roland D-110, D-10, D-20, D-5

Antelope Audio Ships New Interfaces

DISCRETE 8 and DISCRETE 4 mic preamp interface and mic modelling bundles now available

Web-Based MIDI Step Sequencer

Modul runs on any device with Chrome support

Vintage Synth For Kontakt

Gothic Instruments describe DRONAR as an atmosphere creation tool

Free Physically Modelled Pipe Organ

Mozart releases ORGANTEQ Alpha for Mac, Windows and Linux

Behringer Tease 11 New Synths and Drum Machines

6 synths, 5 drum machines listed

Ventris Dual Reverb - 2 Verbs In One Pedal

2 Stereo in, 2 Stero Outs, MIDI and more

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Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1

80s LA Synthesis and Analog power

Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8

Hooked up and jamming

Podcast: Sonic TALK 514 - Cakewalk RIP

MIDI Spec, Swan Audio, unusual gigs


Vintage Synth For Kontakt

Gothic Instruments describe DRONAR as an atmosphere creation tool

Fully-Automatic Stem Creator Released

XTRAX STEMS separates any song into its drum, vocal and remaining music components

SSL Bus Compression Bargain

SSL announce a limited-time offer on the Duende Native Bus Compressor Plug-in

New MIDI Features Outlined at ADC

More resolution, simpler controllers and NRPN

More Videos

Presentation: Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface 

We get the skinny on the long-awaited new IO

Ableton Live 10 - First Look 

At London's We Are Robots conference

SynthFest 2017: Expert Sleepers Release General CV 

Eurorack module puts General MIDI sound set under creative CV control

Presentation: Tim Exile and SLOO 

Shed Loads Of Oscillators