Waves Element Synth Explored

macProVideo.com releases a new tutorial   24-May-13

Waves Element Synth Explored

macProVideo.com has releases a new tutorial - Element Explored. Here's what they have to say about it...

The designers at Waves know about audio! See how they bring their DSP expertise to the cool new soft synth they call Element in this exploratory course by Matt Vanacoro.

When the folks at Waves enter the synthesizer fray, you've got to pay attention. That's why we assigned Matt Vanacoro to dig into this baby and see how it works. Matt begins this course with a look at both the standalone and plugin versions. Here is where you see Element's preferences, options, menu bar and presets.

From there you go deep into synthesis. You learn all about the Oscillators, Arpeggiators, Filters, Amplifiers and LFOs. Next up, Matt shows how the FX and EQ sections are integrated into the overall design.

As the course comes to a close, you get a look at the Modulation Matrix, Envelopes and some cool sound design tips.

So welcome Waves into the world of synthesis with this totally cool look at Element!

Pricing and Availability:

$15.60 download. $25/month subscription.

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unconvinced    Said...

This video is more expensive than the synth should cost. The synth itself is outrageously expensive, and contrary to the blurb here, when Waves make a synth there is absolutely no reason to pay attention - they have absolutely no experience in that department, and as a first venture, look to be ripping off their user base.

You can get better, more innovative synths, for NOTHING !!

macprovideo need to do a reality check as to what products they put their name to !!

27-May-13 10:10 AM

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