CreamWare shipment gives greater Scope

And JMJ uses it too...      01/09/00

CreamWare has announced today (September 1st) that the high-end, SCOPE DSP technology-based studio product, which was unveiled at Frankfurt's Musikmesse 2000, is now shipping. Jean Michel Jarre has been beta-testing the package, it has been revealed. SCOPE /SP comprises a PCI card with 15 SHARC DSPs and a comprehensive software package for synthesis, sampling, effects processing, mixing and more. Thanks to its complete set of drivers, the system works 'flawlessly' (says CreamWare) in conjunction with virtually any sequencer/recording program. As an alternative, SCOPE /SP can also be used as a stand-alone system within its own dedicated computer and thus be integrated into 'any conceivable' studio configuration via conventional MIDI and audio connections. In its standard configuration, SCOPE /SP comes equipped with two digital ADAT interfaces, stereo analogue and S/P-DIF as well as MIDI, Wordclock and ADAT 9-pin I/O interfaces. There are many options available for increasing the number of DSPs, I/Os and software applications in the system. 'Of course, the experience we've accumulated in the last couple of years with our highly successful Pulsar system - mainly in the area of project studios Ò has had an impact upon the development of SCOPE /SP. With SCOPE /SP, however, our primary focus was the specific requirements of pro audio studios,' says Michael Ruf, leading developer at CreamWare. 'Not only the immense DSP power, but also the new software applications - such as the STS-5000, SP-Mix and VDAT - expressly address the needs of the professional user.' There are a shedload of features and functions included, but Sonic State suiggests you check out the CW website ( for more on these. So, to Monsieur Jarre, who has been using SCOPE /SP in his studio. 'Exploring the beta version of SCOPE /SP was really amazing. Working with the system is fast and intuitive. SCOPE /SP is a fantastic addition to any studio,' says the synthmeister. Funny, he was raving about Digidesign's Pro Tools and several Waves/DUY plug-ins when Metamorphoses was released. Ooh, these pioneering multi-million album-selling Frenchmen and their fickle ways... SCOPE/SP costs - well, a fortune, from what we can tell.

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