AES:CreamWare's Pulsar XTC ships

The latest VST compatible card for Windows hits the shops      16/05/01

Pulsar XTC the latest DSP encrusted PCI card for for VST-compatible recording programs, is now shipping for Windows systems. Pulsar XTC integrates with any VST-compatible software. It expands the recording system with the additional computing power of six 32-bit SHARC DSPs and an extensive software package containing top-class effects and virtual instruments. XTC plug-ins are used in exactly the same way as VST effects and VST instruments, but unlike native plug-ins, utilize none of the host computer's processing power. Therefore, the user does not need to adopt new methods in order to work with them. The only noticeable difference is that the system suddenly has a much greater capacity for the realization of musical ideas. The XTC software package contains more than 30 high-quality, 32-bit DSP effects. In addition to a collection of dynamics processors and modulation effects, the effects library also includes the new MasterVerb Reverb, eight separate instances of which can be loaded at one time. Pulsar XTC also includes an assortment of extraordinary virtual instruments: various powerful analog synthesizers, a drum synth and an instrument with sounds based upon refined vector synthesis. With the Volkszämpler, the XTC software package also boasts a full-fledged sampler. In the form of a VST instrument, it offers a multitude of highly professional features like 32-bit sampling, compatibility with the big libraries, sample-precise timing during sequence playback and most extensive editing options. The Pulsar XTC software, as well as its hardware, can be expanded very flexibly. Along with the included instruments and effects, dozens of additional plug-ins which have been developed for the Pulsar/SCOPE platform can be used. Also, the Pulsar XTC PCI-card can optionally be expanded with high-quality 24-bit /96 kHz audio inputs and outputs. Furthermore, the processing power is freely scalable via the addition of further DSP cards to the system. The Macintosh version is currently scheduled to be available in July 2001.

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  • Expected Price: $999  

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