WNAMM03: Alesis Ion - Update

Pictures and Video from the show      11/02/03


Well the Alesis Ion has certainly generated a lot of interest on The Gas Station over the last few weeks (here and here). You've asked us to put more detail up about this keenly priced synth (street price is rumoured to be around the $799 point) and, as always, your wish is our command.

So as a follow up to the previous news item we've cut together a video, the soundtrack is some audio from the Ion (well we had some technical difficulties with our DAT and the Ion deffinitely wasn't finished so don't expect too much from the audio). We've also pulled together some pics from the show and a few from the Alesis Web site.

The specs from the Alesis site (here) are: ION – Analog Modeling Synthesizer

512 Preset Programs, All User Re-Writeable
8 Voice Polyphony, 4 Parts Multi-timbral
3 Oscillators per Voice, With Continuously Variable wave shapes, Sync and FM
2 Multimode Filters per Voice, 16 Filter types to choose from
2 LFOs, Sample and Hold and Arpeggiator - all Sync to MIDI Clock
4 Individual Mono/Stereo Insert Effects and Stereo Master Multi-FX Processor
Fully Featured Vocoder with up to 40 bands
Performance friendly interface with 31 knobs, 69 buttons, sustain and expression pedal inputs, pitch bend wheel and 2 assignable mod wheels
High Resolution Graphic LCD
49 Velocity Sensitive Keys
4 Analog Outputs and Stereo Analog Inputs - all balanced 24-bit
Internal Universal Power Supply

They reckon it's got a whole lot of DSP under the hood for a really powerful sound - we can't wait to try the finished product and let you know!!

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