SNAMM03: Trident Make Better Mics

Imported parts, British craftsmanship      27/07/03


SNAMM03: Trident Make Better Mics
The Trident M-101 (left) and LDC-77

Over at the Trident Audio stand - the dapper John Oram gave the full skinny on his two new, large diaphragm condenser mics. As with most of todays manufacturers, China supplies key parts such as the cases and the diaphragms. But what makes these mics different is that they are assembled in the UK at the Trident factory. Key components such as Op-amps and the like are selected specifically for the job, ensuring a quiet noise floor and extended frequency response. According to John this sets them more than a cut above the competition but keeps the price competitive. The mics pictured above are the M-101 (left) and LDC-77(right), which according to Trident "deliver that seriously warm vintage analogue tone that recent day products never get close to." Both mics have three switchable patterns: figure of eight, omni and hyper cardioid, a 20dB pad and a low frequency roll-off. Both also come in a flight case with shock-mounting holder and accessories. The LDC-77 Microphone retails at $550 / £365 and is available now.
The M-101 Microphone retails at $495/ £335 and is available now.

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