WNAMM04: IK Multimedia And Sonic Reality Get Close

It's a sonic transatlantic love-in      03/02/04

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WNAMM04: IK Multimedia And Sonic Reality Get Close
Dave K at IK NAMM 2004

IK Multimedia make SampleTank II (amongst other things), a soft sample playback module with powerful DSP processing and a vast library of sounds. Dave Kerzner is a well respected sound designer, responsible for many classic sample libraries with a great ear for detail. Dave is also a great keyboard player and session synthesist, having worked with a wide variety of artistes, including Peter Gabriel. After their successful cooperation in the creation of SampleTank® LE products like Sonic Synth™, OmniSynth™ and eROMS™, IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality have teamed up to make a wide range of new innovative products utilizing the talents and resources of both companies.
"We've always found the works of Sonic Reality to be among the best in the sound development industry." Says, CEO and founder of IK Multimedia, Enrico Iori, "I can’t imagine a better company to team up with for making the best sample-based products possible." "Being able to work with a top notch software and sound development team like IK Multimedia gives us the ability to carry out a vision to make unique and outstanding software instruments." Says Dave Kerzner, CEO and founder of Sonic Reality.
"Between the two companies across the globe we have one of the largest and most diverse in-house sample archives anywhere." The latest results of this deeper level of collaboration will be the release of Sonik Synth™ 2, a powerful synth workstation plug-in with unique features and sounds, a milestone for a new generation of virtual instruments. It is also a highly anticipated sequel to the succesful Sonic Synth™ released by both companies in 2001. Thanks to IK Multimedia’s cross-platform support, these modules will work in all of the major plug-in platforms including VST, RTAS, Dxi and AU on Mac and Windows. IK Multimedia will also distribute worldwide the new Sonik Capsules™ range from Sonic Reality. The Sonik Capsules™ are multi-format sample libraries and SampleTank® 2 LE module plug-ins in one affordable package. Each focused instrument sample collection allows the user to not only use these sounds with SampleTank® 2 and every common plug-in format but also with other popular sample formats. IK Multimedia dealers will now be able to offer more power and flexibility of use with Sonik Capsules™ than any other sample-based products in the market. The latest new product announcements from the two companies reflect their evolved cooperative efforts with an "IK" in the word "Sonik" as found in the products "Sonik Synth™ 2", synth workstation plug-in and the "Sonik Capsules™" line of multi-format sample library/modules. From powerful physical modeling DSP, to innovative sample technology to expertly programmed original sound content, IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality can now offer more multi-platform compatibility, high quality sound content and all around bang for the buck than ever before. As a result of the new strategic alliance of the two companies, more exciting new products currently under development will be announced during 2004.
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