Nord G2 OS Update Imminent

News of the G2 X Modular too.      29/06/04

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Nord G2 OS Update Imminent
The new G2X - lovely

The Nord posse were pretty excited when we talked to them at this years MESSE, showing a work-in-progress version of their upgraded and re-designed modular G2X system. Well for starters, we've got a final release date of August this year, as well as a Modular G2 software upgrade (v1.20) - released the 5th of July. It includes about 10 more modules (see for example the new unique noise oscillator on ). But perhaps the most important news is the Mac OSX support. Here is a list of new features:
New features in V1.20
  • Supports Mac OSX
  • Supports the new 5-octave model G2X
    New Modules
  • Metallic Noise Oscillator and Noise Oscillator.
  • FM operator and DX router are great for creating sounds of the eighties.
  • A new group, Random, is included. 6 new modules that are very helpful for adding more "life" to your patches. Help you get an organic retro feel. Also for algorithmic composition etc.
  • Pitch Shifter and Scratch are added to the list of effects.
  • MIDI Control Automate supports even more flexible MIDI setups.
  • Several bug fixes, which especially improves MIDI synchronization.
  • New function added. Tools/Deassign All MIDI, clears MIDI assignments.
  • New function, Synth/Dump One. Equivalent to Dump One in the instrument's menu. G2X Features
    The five-octave version is launched in August and will be the ultimate Modular performance tool. The following features are specific for the G2X:
  • 5-octaves, semi-weighted keyboard.
  • 3 modulation wheels with built in LEDs.
  • Top panel mounted XLR microphone input.
  • Shipped with gooseneck microphone.
  • Features a built in voice expansion that gives the G2X twice the processing power as the other models (G2 and Engine). Prices G2 OS/Editor v1.20 free of charge when downloaded
    G2X - approximately euro2.850/$3.500.

    More From: CLAVIA
    Even more news...


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