SNAMM04: New Hi-Res USB I/Face From Edirol

2 channels of 24-bit 96kHz & MIDI      20/07/04

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SNAMM04: New Hi-Res USB I/Face From Edirol
Little box, big on features

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Edirol's latest interface is a compact USB audio and MIDI buss-powered affair with direct monitoring, phantom power, combined mic/line inputs and a variety of outputs for maximum integration in a small footprint. The key features of the UA-25 are:
  • Attractive metal casing, which also makes the UA-25 both portable and durable.
  • Professional Audio quality, with a wide range of in and output connectors. Phantom powered mic preamps on TRS/XLR combo jack inputs.
  • Digital In for digital CD, synths, FX, DAT and Mini Disc
  • RCA (phono) outputs
  • TRS Balanced outputs for maximum flexibility.
  • A Hi-Z switch helps bring a guitar or bass in without the need for a direct box.
  • Balanced +4 dBu inputs & outputs.
  • MIDI in/out
  • Built in Analogue Limiter The UA-25 includes a Direct Monitoring zero latency switch to allow the user to hear the recording in real time, plus a "MONO" setting switch to hear phasing issues or monitor a single source through both channels of headphones easily. As usual Edirol have nailed the drivers, so you can expect good stable performance, plus a few little extras: The UA-25 also has the ability to reroute out-going audio signals back to the input without crossing into the analog domain. Why is this useful, you ask? If you are streaming audio from the internet, most applications won't allow you to record the audio directly. But if you run it out of your sound card & back to an input, you have an audio signal that you route to any recording application you like. The UA-25 allows you to do this without requiring you to make a physical connection with a cable, and most impressively, without leaving the digital domai Drivers are available for Mac OS 9 and X. Windows XP Home Edition/ XP Professional /2000 Professional /Me/98 Second Edition Suggested retail price is Ã?£169 incl VAT/ $295

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