SNAMM05: Roland Expands Keyboard Range

New EXR Series Interactive Arranger Keyboards      24/07/05

SNAMM05: Roland Expands Keyboard Range
The New EXR-3S

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The latest keyboards to join Roland’s interactive-arranger family are the EXR-7s, -5s, and -3s.
Here's what Roland have to say about them...Anchored by the finest grand piano sounds on the market, each of these new arrangers is equipped with over 500 high quality instrument Tones plus 20 drum kits. The flagship EXR-7s provides an additional bank of 21 Super Tones, and offers an extended 76-note keyboard; the EXR-5s/3s come with 61-note keyboards. All EXR S-series keyboards are packed with over 160 Music Styles, created by top international musicians for a truly live feel. The innovative Cover function allows players to perform instant, real-time Style re-orchestration to the Styles. Imagine creating new arrangements with one touch of a button! Thanks to their built-in USB ports, the EXR S-series facilitates quick exchange of Song and Style data between internal Flash Memory and a PC. It’s easy. Just connect, drag, and drop. The EXR S-series keyboards are stocked with Flash memory that can hold up to 4MB worth of Songs and Styles (2.5MB is preloaded with bonus Styles and Songs). All EXR S-series feature high-quality built-in speaker systems. Also new is the ROLAND EXR-40 OR arranger keyboard. Roland say that its high-quality sounds combined with a vast library of authentic styles created by masters of Oriental music make the EXR-40 OR one of the most unique keyboards on the market today.

Add authentic Asian spice to your stage and studio with the EXR-40OR
In addition to its sounds and interactive Styles, EXR-40 OR provides over two dozen onboard drum sets, catered for Oriental music, for laying the proper rhythmic foundation. To reduce the risk of operator error during live performance, a Lock function can be used to protect the chosen Style, Tone, Tempo, Transposition, and Portamento settings. For quick and reliable access to favorite sounds, a row of front-panel User Tones buttons provides instant recall. The large backlit LCD ensures that critical sound and song info can be easily viewed, even in the darkest stage environments. More info:

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