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SAE Institute London launch revolutionary Music Business Diploma      17/07/07

Learn To Do The Business

SAE Institute already has an unrivalled reputation for teaching Audio Engineering, Digital Film and Games Design – now they’ve set their sights on the business side of the Music Industry and launched their Music Business Diploma
Here’s what they have to say about it in their own words…
‘Not everyone in the Music Business wants to be a performer, producer or sound engineer. There are countless others who need the skills necessary to work in the business side of this dynamic industry.
This is why SAE Institute has developed the most relevant and hands-on Music Business Diploma yet. Throughout the 12 month course the Diploma will provide students with a solid theoretical and practical understanding of where the industry is, what the challenges are and what to expect in the future. SAE’s Music Business Diploma programme is the only course where students also gain a solid practical grounding by working within the industry as a major part of their course work.
Students will also be trained in Music Business theory, giving them in-depth insights into all aspects of the Music Business, and they’ll also get the opportunity to work within the Music Industry – working with an artist and learning the skills necessary to assist in the artist’s career. This highly practical approach allows students to apply theory learned to actual real world situations, giving unparalleled insights into life in this fast-moving industry.
Who is the course aimed at? Anyone interested in working in the business side of the industry, be that artist/tour manager, promoter, publisher, record label manager – and it’s also the perfect springboard for those wanting to go it alone, either by starting their own business or freelancing.
The Diploma covers a broad range of subjects that combine to give a focused insight into the music industry, including the various job roles and employment opportunities. But perhaps most importantly students will also gain invaluable insights into the current challenges of the music business and how current and future trends and technologies will shape the face of the industry in the future.
Other core areas of learning include New Media for the Music Business, Online Music Creation, Marketing and Sales, Creation of Websites, Audio and Video files, Record Labels, Copyrights, Contracts and other Legal aspects, Publishing and Licensing, Marketing and Promotion and other related fields. ‘
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