Big Savings For SAE Students

SAE Institute opens online super-store for anyone enrolled at SAE      26/11/08
Big Savings For SAE Students

SAE Institute has teamed up with leading providers of hardware, software and media products to provide SAE students worldwide with discounted computers, magazines, software. Here's all the details from their press release...
SAE London: SAE Institute may already be the established world leader in providing degree-standard audio, film and multimedia education, but in a move that's sure to set them even further apart from the competition, November sees the launch of the SAE Store, an online superstore where students can augment their course materials with heavily discounted items from a range of manufacturers and publishers across the globe.
Many of SAE's existing industry partners have already made themselves a part of the rapidly growing SAE store, including Apple Computers, Digidesign, Focusrite, Novation, Ableton, and Sound on Sound magazine, with many more companies either signed up or due to join the scheme in the coming weeks.
So now SAE students are not only assured the best education in a range of creative media, they can also get the best deals on hardware, software and industry-related media products.
So far on the SAE Store: Ableton, Apple, BIAS, BlueSky, Ceiboe, Digidesign, Fabfilter, Focusrite, McDSP, Novation, Propellerhead, RME, Sound on Sound, URS
SAE Institute Managing Director Rudi Grieme said: "Here at SAE we're committed to giving our students the very best education in a range of creative media. And with the new online SAE Store we're adding extra value to the SAE experience. Now students can get a range of products at heavily discounted prices, making it even easier to choose SAE Institute as the top choice for their education. We have great relationships with many industry heavyweights, be that in hardware, software or media, which we've now translated into great savings for all of our students – and worldwide there are over 20,000 of them! But it doesn't stop there. We're constantly striving to make sure our students get the best of everything, which is why we hope to sign up many more companies to the SAE Store in the near future."
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