SAE London Officially Launched

Video tour, impressive facillities      11/03/09

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Contrary to popular belief, we don't actually attend many industry parties, but this time I decided to hop on the train and make a night of it at the official launch of the new SAE London. Located in the fashionable Shoreditch, where you can find many other creative businesses as well as a large number of Vietnamese restaurants for some reason, the new college boasts 18,000 square feet and no fewer than 11 state of the art audio studios, a film mixing studio with 'green screen' capabilities, 4 video editing studios and a 76-seater theatre. I got there before the party got into gear and had a chat with Matthias Postel, manager of SAE London, who showed me around. Incedentally, I was back in bed by midnight, unlike some of the other party animals... In 2007 SAE Institute was awarded Skillset Academy status by the UK government in recognition of the high level of tuition offered in all courses. All degrees awarded to students of SAE Institute are validated by Middlesex University.
    Those courses in full:
  • Electronic Music Production (next intake April)
  • Audio Engineering Diploma (next intake April – part time, April – full time)
  • BA (Hons) Recording Arts Degree (next intake April)
  • Digital Film Making Diploma (April)
  • BA (Hons) Film Making Degree (April)
  • Music Business Diploma (October)
For further information contact: SAE Institute
Angi Kuzma
Marketing Manager
297 Kingsland Road
E8 4DD
Tel: 020 792 39 159


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Matias Oepen    Said...

SAE isn't the "only" school that has a Icon series! The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts has one, as well as a SSL aws and more... You might want to visit Liverpool and check LIPA out anyway, as it has one of the most advanced courses on Sound Technology among Berkley and SAE.

11-Mar-09 10:51 AM

uv    Said...

Good for energy saving that icon desk!...

Good set ups , but very expensive training you can buy a great set up for the price of training there. If you can afford it im sure it would be good.

11-Mar-09 05:20 PM

Nick B    Said...

Sure you could buy some nice gear for the cost of a course, but the level of experience is pretty high, which just owning the equipment will not unlock.

Incidentally, they also have a special student discount store where equipment can be purchased at significant discounts.

The overriding sense I got from the visit was that they are actually a really good facility where they take the training really seriously and at a high level.

I dont have experience of any other training schools, but if they are all of this standard, then that has to be good news for students.

11-Mar-09 05:35 PM

Matthias Postel    Said...

@Matias: No worries - I only pointed out that SAE was the _first_ educational place to have an Icon. That was back in 2006. By now other institutions have indeed caught up - as far as the Icon is concerned. @uv: Surprisingly, a control surface like the Icon has lower power consumption than an old style desk like a Neve VR or SSL G+. The cost of the course would buy you one rather modest setup (e.g. 02R96) and nothing nowhere near the bigger consoles. These economies of scale make it possible for students to experience 11 studios that combined have a very large value - in monetary and educational terms.

12-Mar-09 02:02 AM

anon    Said...

type this in google "Whats So Wrong With SAE Anyway" please read the full article even SAE london staff is commenting, very useful and helpful

19-Mar-09 04:15 PM

Jon H    Said...

For info on the SAE Institute

09-Jun-09 04:20 AM

Big D    Said...

Is it not true since the making of this Promo M Postel is no longer the manger?

10-Sep-09 04:49 PM

john    Said...

The new manager is Luca, a former lecturer which seems to be a very nice guy, always on top of what's going on - very distinct of what happened before with Mr. Postel.

23-Oct-09 09:57 PM

john    Said...

The new manager is Luca, a former lecturer which seems to be a very nice guy, always on top of what's going on - very distinct of what happened before with Mr. Postel.

23-Oct-09 09:57 PM

alex    Said...

Just in case anyone comes across this thread, the first link Jon H posted has now moved to here:

25-Oct-11 05:54 PM

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