MESSE09: Superbooth Schneider Twins

That's Andreas and Florian Schneider (yes him)      06/04/09

No flash plug

1:25 mins
The word went out around the booth - Florian's here! And indeed he was, the enigmatic member of legendary German Electronic Supergroup Kraftwerk was in the building – actually on the Superbooth no less.. Hilariously, Mr Schneider shares the name of the proprietor of Scheiders Buero (Berlin based synth store) – but they are not in fact related. Cue me, after being told that we cannot mention the "K" word – all sorts of bad legal business apparently, attempting to come up with a funny sketch with Schneiders Snr and Jnr on the spur of the moment. Result = not very funny But hey – I met that Florian from Kraftwerk...

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robgs    Said...

I see Florian puts as much effort into interviews as he does with stage performances...

06-Apr-09 10:40 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

LOL - never mind, Nick... at least Mr Schneider did make some effort of keeping the sketch going! :-)

06-Apr-09 11:56 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

lol...VERY german.

06-Apr-09 03:18 PM

Kaux    Said...

what is that "k" word???

06-Apr-09 06:15 PM

Nick B    Said...

Why, Kraftwerk of course!

07-Apr-09 02:24 AM

to_markus    Said...

K word - last spoken is KNUT (you may find pictures on wikipedia), the name of a litte icebear born at Berlin zoo some time ago (end of 2006), and was very famous around germany & more

07-Apr-09 07:09 PM

Detrius    Said...

just want to say your messe video coverage is as good as ever this year.but what happened tp your weird instruments videos? i want to know the top 5!

10-Apr-09 08:00 AM

sven    Said...

Yeah! dont leave us guessing

11-Apr-09 03:41 PM

Krissy Boy    Said...

Florian Schneider, Living Legend in my view. A Fun sort of man with a good sense of humour and a terrific understanding of technology along with his Kraftwerk co-founder Ralf Hutter. Both who i would love to be friends with for real. How about it Florian & Ralf?? -

20-Apr-09 10:15 AM


Damned video doesn't play !!!

23-Jul-10 12:06 AM

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