Impressive Vocal Synthesis Version Of Amazing Grace

Performed By Don Lewis On The Roland VP-770      08/07/09

Music educator Don Lewis performs an impressive vocal synthesis rendition of Amazing Grace, using the Roland VP-770 Vocal & Ensemble Keyboard.

Roland designed the VP-770 for a new category of musician - the vocal synthesist. And, as Lewis' performance demonstrates, the VP-770 is actually making that a viable category, letting you create very musical backing parts, such as a large gospel choir.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

More demo performances are available at the Roland YouTube channel.


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madmax    Said...

The second part of his demo sounds even better. It's at

I'm still hoping they'll make a vocoder fx pedal.

08-Jul-09 09:49 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

The technology is just not there yet in these keyboards. They still sound like a choir of Cylons no matter what they do to dress it up.

08-Jul-09 11:05 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Hmmm - true, but it does sound wonderful even if it has an artificial edge in places. Aside from that, I'd pay to see a choir of Cylons. And not the new ones, the original cylons. :-)

08-Jul-09 11:21 AM

Wince    Said...

Yeah but they still sing better than he does

09-Jul-09 07:44 AM

oldiebutagoodie    Said...

This is totally beside the point, but does anybody remember the original BSG singers that had to mouths each, and sang a song called "Love, Love, Love"?

09-Jul-09 04:52 PM

madmax    Said...

I thought this demo did sound a bit vocoderish. I do recommend listening to part 2.

10-Jul-09 09:50 AM

stanley wonderful    Said...

@madmax: Electro-Harmonix makes a really nice vocoder pedal called The Voice Box.

28-Jul-09 04:44 PM

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