Podcast: Sonic TALK143 - Jordan Rudess

On the road with Dream Theater, technology, iPhone and more      27/08/09

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53:6 mins

If you have any awareness  of keyboards and or iPhone apps, then chances are you've come across Jordan Rudess. A classically trained pianist (Julliard School of Music) with a heavy interest in synthesizers, brought on by exposure to Moog whilst at college, he's been at the forefront of progressive rock since joining Dream Theater in 1997.

Whilst maintaining a full schedule of  recording and touring he's also been able to fit in several solo works, including the just released  Notes on a Dream - a pure piano album with a twist - recorded using the virtual instrument Ivory. But that's not all, his love of cuttiung edge technology in music and graphics which led him to become a fan of the Hakan Continuum also brought Apple's iPhone into focus. Jordan has since been right behind musical applications such as  Bebot, and now has a collaborative project in the form of the Hexatone sequening app.

After figuring out time zones, I caught up with Jordan prior to the gig in Calgary Canada, where Dream Theater are (or rather were) as part of the Progressive Nation tour with with Dweezil Zappa (Zappa on Zappa) and Bigelf.





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CV!    Said...

I had a slightly negative opinion of Jordan Rudess, I saw him as 1000000 notes per minute prog robot, but this changed with this interview, I can see his desire to innovate and he also seems like a very nice guy!

27-Aug-09 04:19 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Very nice interview! Rudess indeed seems very nice and driven to innovate and try out new music gear!

29-Aug-09 08:04 PM

Mike From Atlanta    Said...

Jordan is one of the most down to earth and real guys you could ever want to meet. He has a true love and passion for music and loves technology. Aside from that the fact that he is one of the most talented musicians of this century he manages to inspire people with his music and contageous personality :o)

03-Sep-09 07:22 PM

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