Live Beat Box Looping

DubFX Shows How He Gets A Massive Sound, Live, With A Looper      18/10/09

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In this video, DubFX demonstrates his approach to live beat box looping.

He preps his material in about 30 seconds, educating the audience of random passers-bye on looping while he does it.

He uses minimal gear - basically a looper and a multi-effects pedal. His video Hip Hop, below, features a "geek's eye" view that lets you see his rig and also see how his performances rely on a carefully choreographed foot pedal dance.

No matter what your chosen style of music is, or what instrument you play, DubFX's music is a great example of how more gear is less important than having the right gear for what you want to do.

More DubFX performance videos are available at his site.


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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