New Album Made On An iPhone

Mixtape-Style Album Made With Beatmaker, iDrum, Jasuto      24/03/10

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Sound engineer Tom Freeman, aka Freematik, has released a new album, Faces of Def, that was made entirely on his iPhone.

Freeman used Beatkamer, iDrum, Flare and other iPhone music apps to create a continuous mix of 25 chilled electronica tracks.

Though Freeman was able to create a complete album on his iPhone, he found that there were significant barriers.

"It doesn't have pressure sensitivity," notes Freeman. "You can't push buttons to create different hard or soft sounds that make it more expressive. And it doesn't have the functionality to record music very well."

"But sometimes," adds Freeman,"it's nice to see what you can do with limitations."

via Santa Cruz Sentinel

James Lewin
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