MESSE10: John Bowen's Solaris On Video

Back In Black With All The Latest Features      25/03/10

No flash plug

   Windows Media 
5:18 mins

John Bowen chats about  progress on the Solaris super synth.

Ribbon control and phonetic filters to name but two new features.




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Marc JX8P    Said...

Love the ribbon controller addition... This is really a monster synth!

25-Mar-10 04:58 PM

hogberto    Said...

one synth to rule them all... can't help noticing though that this baby had its debut at Messe 2007. get on with it john!

27-Mar-10 01:42 PM

T-Nut    Said...

JB: lets take a look at the new chord mo...

SS: Me likey blinkey lights.

03-Apr-10 11:18 AM

Cyber-R    Said...

One day I'll get to play with this at some music shop and wish I had one. It's truly beautiful. I'm truly a loser. If only I could mate with this synth and make a middle class cyborg.

17-Jun-10 09:40 AM

Raj    Said...

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