New Loop Library Explores Unusual Meters

27/16 Anyone?      11/04/10

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The Loop Loft has introduced a new loop library, Odd Meter Grooves Volume 1, that focuses on beats that go beyond the traditional framework of 4/4.

Here's what The Loop Loft's Ryan Gruss has to say about the new library:

While other loop sites only take these things as far as 7/8 (and charge twice as much!?), we’ve delved much deeper into the possibilities of space, feel and time. From Zappa-esque grooves in 27/16, to Mahavishnu influenced beats in 15/8, to (not so) straight ahead jazz in 5/4, to Muse-approved backbeats in 9/8, we’ve covered a wide spectrum of tempos and time signatures, all within one loop pack.

You an preview Odd Meter Grooves above.

Pricing and Availability

Odd Meter Grooves is available now for US $14.95.


James Lewin
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