Computer, Amp And Speaker All In One

Orange Amps launches the OPC      19/04/10
Computer, Amp And Speaker All In One

Orange Amplifiers have announced the launch of a revolutionary all-in-one computer amplifier speaker: The OPC. Here's what Orange have to say...
The project has been several years in the making and as a pioneering force in guitar amplifiers, they have used their expertise in sound technology, engineering and electronics to build a new generation of computers that incorporate the best of both worlds: latest computer technology with integrated tools for the modern musician and music lovers.
The revolutionary all-in-one computer amplifier speaker, The OPC is 100% designed and built in the UK. It is a fully integrated computer with internal speaker which delivers playing, recording, editing and computing capabilities to musicians and music aficionados. This is the first computer of its kind that you can connect yourself and your music to the digital world simply by plugging in your instrument.
The OPC will be leading the way with a number of 'Firsts':
  • The first computer of its kind to have a built-in high powered speaker which delivers superb full range hi-fi quality sounds as well as vintage guitar sounds.
  • The first computer to have a universal input jack enabling users to plug in a multitude of musical instruments (guitar, keyboard etc ) and peripherals such as the iPod, MP3 players, microphone's.
  • A unique cooling system to ensure air goes in and exits only after cooling the internal computer
As a fully fledged computer it has 4GB DDR2 RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel chips, Windows 7 x64 home premium, 8 x USB2.0 ports, is Wi-Fi enabled and has a graphics card with optional ATI 5670 512MB card for those who may want to play a few games while they put their guitars down. The first models will include modelling software incorporating computer samples of vintage and current Orange amps and cabinets as well as free branded recording software package. Once plugged in, you can then use the software included to create music or choose your guitar sound and then play, record and hear your guitar through the computer!
The OPC is compact, very portable, sexy and beautifully Orange! It takes many of its design cues from Orange's, instantly recognisable, brightly coloured Orange Amplifiers and picture-frame cabinets and once again makes Orange stand out from the crowd.
Pricing and Availability:
The OPC is due to be released in June 2010 and the price will be announced shortly. More information:


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9 Comments...  Post a comment    original story    Said...

All in glorious mono?

19-Apr-10 12:20 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Anything more than 1.1 is overrated ! Haha..what do u need more in the mids of the Aussie bush except from a solar cell power supply ?! Aren`t u the back to roots guy I knew lightyears ago ? So , ur still alive Guru... Cya,Red !

19-Apr-10 08:57 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Yes! Glorious mono! Death to the tyranny of stereo! Long live the one!

19-Apr-10 10:25 AM

Pete    Said...

EPIC FAIL! A sad example of market research gone totally wrong

19-Apr-10 04:36 PM

CI    Said...

Having my DAW in an amp case would be totally cool. But using it to do only amp modeling for the amp, that would not be cool.

Does the massive speaker magnet could interfere with the computer components ?

19-Apr-10 05:45 PM

AndyB    Said...

Love Orange amps (and I own one), but this is kind of nasty.

19-Apr-10 08:12 PM

Radiophobic    Said...

It has all the standard I/O of a normal computer, including stereo line in, line out and microphone. I am sure you can use it as a normal computer, but it has the amp as one of the output options in the audio routing panel.

20-Apr-10 12:56 PM

perplexed    Said...

I was sure this had to be an april fools thing, but then I saw this was from the 19th..

08-May-10 09:19 PM

perplexed    Said...

I was sure this had to be april fools, but the news is from the 19th?

08-May-10 09:20 PM

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