Four Free EQ Plug-Ins For Windows

J1000 introduces ALPA, BETA, GAMMA and DELTA      16/07/10

Four Free EQ Plug-Ins For Windows

J1000 has four VST plug-ins available for free download:
  • J1000 ALPHA is an equalizer made for fine tuning in post-production.
  • J1000 BETA is very similar in functionality to Alpha, but adapted to mixing.
  • J1000 GAMMA is an equalizer intended primarily for mastering,
  • J1000 DELTA is a mixing EQ with a twist
Here's what designer Jovan Iljadica has to say...
In terms of digital sound processing these VST plugins are pretty simple and straight-forward. They don't possess any magical properties that will make sound better just by passing through them. They don't emulate vintage studio gear, do not produce "warm and musical analog sound" (whatever that means) and certainly won't make you the next Phil Spector. They don't deliberately introduce distortion of any kind, like saturation or compression, only slight phase non-linearities. They are just regular equalizers made according to my ideas how should they look like and react. The main focus was on their GUIs, not so much on aesthetics as on functionallity and legibility. I didn't waste time drawing photorealistic screw heads or knobs, shiny metal reflections and corrosion or other BS. These equalizers are made only to be used, not to be fantasized about. I use them personally as my first choice and honestly find them useful.
Although they have different purposes, the same ideas are underlying all four plugins. I started with clear concept of what they shouldn't be like. First of all, I knew there was no place for circular knobs or other kind of gimmicky controls. When I move mouse upwards or downwards I wan't the most logical GUI reaction, which is vertical movement, not rotation. The whole interface should be plain to read, easy to work with and have a predictable behaviour. Second, I wanted as little visual and numerical feedback as possible. Too many times had graphical curve misled my judgment and too many times I've relied on some tried-and-tested values only to be harshly reminded that there are many exceptions to the rule and that each problem should have it's own solution. Also, why do you really have to know if you are applying gain of +2.41dB at 9.63 or 8.75kHz? Or if Q factor is 1.2 or 2.1? Creative work should not be cluttered with lab data. Finally, although graphical equalizers can be great and very fast to work with, I wanted interface with separated controls for F,G and Q. Handling one parameter at a time is probably slower, but I think that it's safer to be methodical.
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