Free Comb Filter Effect For Windows

BoomComb Creates Flange & Resonator Efects      27/07/10

Free Comb Filter Effect For Windows

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BoomPlug has released BoomComb, a free tuneable comb filter VST2.4 plugin.

Here's what BoomPlug has to say about it:

BoomComb is a delay based effect where it feeds back a delayed version of itself.

BoomComb can be used as like a flange like effect or can be used like a resonator with the frequency controlled by midi. It can also be used to create string like sounds via inputting noise in it. Another use is it can be used to add space to a sound and can be useful for spicing up synthetic drum sounds to make them sound a little more interesting.


  • Tuneable Comb Filter controlled via MIDI or knob.
  • Damping Filter in Feedback to reduce the harmonics or resonation
  • Saturation in feedback loop for really dirtying a sound or to be used subtly to add character
  • Custom GUI designed by Leonard  "paniq" Ritter
  • Uses custom GUI Framework using the latest Windows Drawing API


James Lewin
Twitter @podcasting_news


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