Learn Mixdown Techniques

SAE Online and Hans-Martin Buff team up to create an online learning experience – Mixdown Techniques 201      08/11/10

Learn Mixdown Techniques

Here's SAE's press release...
SAE Online has revolutionized the world of e-learning, giving students the opportunity to learn what they want, when they want and where they want. Online learning has never been easier...
Now the world's largest creative media learning network has teamed up with world-class recording and mix engineer Hans-Martin Buff to launch a new short course – MixDown Techniques 201.
Hans-Martin's career spans almost two decades, and in that time he's recorded and mixed the likes of Prince, Scorpions, Mousse T, Roachford, Chaka Khan...
Now Hans-Martin and SAE Online have taken his wealth of experience and condensed the essence in to a short course that has but one aim – to put students on course to master the art of the mixdown.
While the course is aimed at students who already have a good understanding of the disciplines needed and the tools required for a good mix, Hans-Martin will take students to a higher level with this hands-on virtual workshop. Mixdown Techniques 201 will make good mix engineers better – no matter what the mixdown situation!
If you want to learn how to mix like a pro, then you need to be taught by a pro.
Hans-Martin Buff said: "I'm the proud shepherd of Mixdown Techniques 201, SAE Online's new short course. I not only teach about mixing, mixing is actually what I do most of the time!"
"Mixdown Techniques 201 is a virtual workshop, and over the course of four weeks I'll be showing students ways to keep their eyes on the big picture, rather than getting bogged down by details. This course is all about making the tools work for the students – not the other way around."
"I've not only spent months mixing songs for creative powerhouses, but I've also spent years explaining to them what I was doing and why I was doing it. And I actually enjoy that part just as much as any other part of the mixing process."
"When teaching seminars and workshops I've been commended for not trying to present my personal techniques as the word of law, but for giving simple advice that made the student's life easier within their own set of mixing ethics... and that's something I'm very proud of."

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