Free Preamp Emulation

Acustica AcquaVox for Mac and Windows is designed for adding warmth to recorded instruments      23/11/10

Free Preamp Emulation

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Here's what Acustica has to say about AcquaVox, their new free plug-in that they tell us is based on a highly sought-after and prized preamp ...
A Powered by Nebula product, AcquaVox is a simple to use - yet world class – emulation of a classic, highly revered preamp. Perfect for adding warmth to recorded instruments like guitars and drums, and for imparting analog feel to vocal tracks.
Envelop your vocals in liquid warmth. Experience the subtle non-linear nuance and analog character normally associated only with high-end outboard gear. Sporting a sleek and refined user interface, AcquaVox is a top-quality emulation of a world-class preamp.
  • VST (Windows, Windows X64, , Mac OS Leopard/Snow Leopard)
  • Recommended CPU: Intel 1Ghz
  • Recommended RAM: 1 Gb
  • Requires VST compatible host for operation
AcquaVox is the first of many standalone plugins in the Powered by Nebula product line.
Nebula is a highly sophisticated emulation engine, utilizing brand new technology to recreate the unique and desired idiosyncrasies of analog hardware inside your DAW.
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