Free Reason Refill

Peace Love Productions celebrates their 10th year in loops by giving away Metachemical's Tough Breaks      23/02/11

Free Reason Refill

Peace Love Productions are celebrating their 10th year in loops. Here's what they have to say in their own words...
PLP has provided the world with royalty free loops for an entire decade and to celebrate they're giving away Metachemical's Tough Breaks Reason Refill for free. No strings attached. Just download and enjoy.
Tough Breaks is for producing hard hitting Break Beat music. Sounds include drums, bass, and synth riffs. 163 loops, 33 Drum One Shots, and 65 midi files (drum beats, synth riffs, and basslines). Beats come separated drum stems for each instrument - ie kicks, snares, percussion, hi hats, and cymbals. Also includes synth riffs, basslines, and SFX. Supporting midi files are also provided for select loops. One shot drums are mapped out in both EXS24 and Redrum.
PLP is also giving away a free 1 gigabyte taster for those who register. The PLP taster is a sampling of the many different genres we have to offer. Sign up and verify your email address. A download link will be sent immediately after to your verified address. This is a two part download containing two zips each being quite large so make sure your internet connection allows for it. Genres include Hip Hop, Rock, Trance, Electro House, Deep House, Chillout, Trance, Techno, Dj Scratches, Industrial, Ambient, and more.
Formats: 16 and 24 bit stereo ACIDized wav.

PLP was one the very first to offer specialized loop packs. PLP was offering edited ACIDized loops on data discs while other companies were releasing audio sample CDs that you had to extract and edit your self. Many competitors soon followed but PLP was a pioneer.
PLP got their start by producing content for Sonic Foundry's ACID Dj 3.0 back in 2000. One of the founders of PLP (Jason Donnelly - Dj Puzzle) worked at Sonic Foundry from 1998-2000 and during Christmas break he received a phone call announcing he had just lost his dream job due to corporate downsizing. Thankfully he was kept on as a freelancer for many months after that editing and ACIDizing for their wonderful loop discs. The ACID DJ gig gave these two a nice little kick start and so they moved on to create even more underground dance loops. They ran a mail order business and printed the CDs as the orders came in. We thank you for supporting PLP and for helping us grow so that we could get inspired and in turn inspire others. To show our appreciation this whole time we have been giving back to the community. For over ten years without skipping a beat so to speak PLP has sent out 20 free loops every month to subscribers. Don't forget to grab this months set by the way! Keeping it real for the sake of music.
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