MESSE11: John Bowen Solaris In Production

There's three of them right here      07/04/11

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5:27 mins

Its been a while, thats no lie. But now the Solaris - John Bowen's flagship DSP based polysynth is in production. With the first batch of 100 on the way, the patches are being programmed, its all go.


Take a look and a listen....




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Benedict Johnson    Said...

wow the longest awaited synth of all time..

good demo! certainly has a zing to it - i'll take the white one!

07-Apr-11 07:31 PM

Stephen    Said...

Fix the title - it's Solaris, not "Slolaris"...

07-Apr-11 08:14 PM

Velocipede    Said...

Congratulations, John and all who have worked on the Solaris! Want! Want!

08-Apr-11 04:15 AM

Tischhupe    Said...

It is an affordable synthesizer compared to others regarding the possibilities. EU 3.590,- incl. VAT is a nice price. ;-) ... *searching my purse* Congrats to John Bowen!

08-Apr-11 04:40 AM

gary Duman    Said...

It doesn't impress me.Who needs another VA for so much money? there are so many good sounding feeware Softsynths. John Bowen schould show us a real analog or hybrid synth and not another boring DSP junk.F...k it !

08-Apr-11 05:52 AM

fanboy    Said...

Minimoog v. Minimax so whatever.

The Solaris demos sound very good. Playability due to a complete and accessible interface is the other point of this thing.

08-Apr-11 06:59 AM

Flamico Child    Said...

I remember the last glory days of hybrid and FM stuff in the 80's.Roland Juno 2, MKS 50,Kawai K3 and Ensoniq SQ80, allthough SQ 80 was very expensive ( over 3500 DM here in Germany in 1988)and cheap but good sounding FM gear like korg 707 or Yamaha YS 200.A combination of these old synths can blow all new VA and Romplayers out of the Planet. there is no chance for an expensive VA on the market..Do you remember Axel Hartmann Synth or Jomox Sunsyn? all of them disapear very fast and forever!!! and new updates were no more avaible.there are still some serious bugs in these Toys and their angry owners are still hopping for or dreaming of an update.very sad.Be aware!The same thing can happen to all Solaris-buyers. I'm still happy with my old Stuff from 80's. Good luck

09-Apr-11 05:48 PM

Whitesolaris    Said...

To:Gary. You obviously miss the point. If you think your free ware Vst is going to have the sound, interface, and total package of a solaris, you deserve to like in the land of mediocrity. Enjoy your instantly identifyable half baked sounds - your ears can't tell the difference - so why think anyone with better ears than you would want a great synth with killer interface? nice "censored" language. Obviously you are a true pro....

10-Apr-11 12:58 AM

Analogic Temple    Said...

To Whitesolaris: waldorf Blofeld keyboard can do all kind of sounds and costs only 699 Euro and don't forget the very limited polyphony of Solaris where plugins shine.It's very sad that Bowen is lost in the VA-world.His expensive toy will go down in the hopeless buisiness very soon.

10-Apr-11 11:58 AM

PebblegreySolaris    Said...

There's nothing about your post that makes any sense. Keep using those thin sounding plugins. The Solaris has endless routing possibilities. The best thing besides the sound is the control surface. Good luck with your Blofeld toy.

11-Apr-11 03:25 PM

John Bowen    Said...

To gary Duman: I think the Schmidt analog synth will impress you. It sounded fantastic at Messe!

12-Apr-11 05:27 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I have and love my Blofeld, as well as a host of other real and virtual analog synths. The Blofeld is great, but I don't think for a moment it will compare with the Solaris.

18-Apr-11 10:18 PM

M-U-S-I-C    Said...

great synth, always love new hardware coming out. but 3600 euro??? that certainly ain't for the middle man. 3600 is a small fortune.

20-May-11 03:47 PM

Flux302    Said...

oh I need to see this again this year!!!

20-Dec-11 07:34 PM

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