Podcast: SONIC TALK 214 - Post MESSE Mess

Schmidt poly, JP-80, RME Recording lots more..      14/04/11

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68:18 mins

   Rich Hilton -  from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 
   Dave Spiers - GforceSoftware.com
  Gaz Williams - SongSurgeon.co.uk
  Mark Tinley - Likebeing.com


We're back, Musik MESSE is almost put to bed, just the last few videos and news items to post. Seems like a bumper year for releases - we cant ignore the Roland Jupiter 80 of course, and the numerous other items. We discuss...
Rich Hilton joins us from Tokyo where he's playing with Chic at the Blue Note - very rock n roll!

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DanA    Said...

The Schmidt Poly - wow. I completely agree with Rich about how it was improperly presented. When I watched the video last week, I kept waiting for Herr Schmidt to lay down a major 9th chord and let sweep for 15 seconds. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead we got beeps and blurps - something any analog monosynth can do. He needs to hire a professional synth player to properly demo his product. Schmidt may have something here, but we'll never know.

14-Apr-11 12:25 PM

Dave    Said...

Speaking of new things that got glazed over ... any info on the Yamaha iMX-1 iOS midi interface ?

14-Apr-11 12:47 PM

Gustavo    Said...

I gotta say I do NOT agree with Rich. The guy went there basically to brag about what he did, he obviously did not go there to sell it. Besides, he built it in 8 years... its hard to say in 8 years what you actually spent in one of those monsters in order to give a price.

What I do agree in is the lack of better demoes. The one up here sounded beautiful to me, but does make me wonder if its actually useful. To me its like the Waldorf Wave, gorgeous, big, expensive, everybody would like to have one. But everything it does, the blofeld practically does it too.

15-Apr-11 11:08 PM

hiltonius    Said...

@gustavo: i'm not sure we disagree! there's certainly nothing you said here that i find myself in disagreement with.

i think it's an instant doorstop, albeit an attractive and exciting one.

19-Apr-11 03:30 AM

Thomas    Said...

No more podcasts? None for last week, and none for this week?

28-Apr-11 10:46 AM

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