WNAMM12: Buchla 200E Skylab Introduced

A more affordable modular from Buchla      31/01/12

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I guess the big news is that Buchla Associates has been bought out by  Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments  - a company formed to put more resources into the Buchla brand and keep on innovating. They promise to extend the range and bring the Buchla to a wider audience (which might mean more affordable). With SM Pro Audio's Danny Olesh on the board, we fully expect to see some major innovation - the man is a bit of a genius when it comes to designing audio gear.

Also announced was the new Buchla Skylab 200E modular system, a more affordable system, which still retains the ability to store patches. This one is small enough to take on a plane - presumably your own private jet, lets not forget that these systems are the cream of modular technology and have a cost to match - around $15k for the Skylab. 

The official announcement was covered in one of our other videos from NAMM, but we couldn't resist a bit of Buchla action when we were offered a look at the Buchla Skylab 200E. We look forward to a lot more from Buchla in the future.

Skylab System Contents


  • 1 Model 201e-3 Passive Frame
  • 1 Model 201e-10 Powered Cabinet
  • 1 Model 207e Mixer / Mike Preamp
  • 1 Model 223e Tactile Input Port (4 panel units)
  • 1 Model 225e Midi Decoder/Preset Manager
  • 1 Model 251e Quad Sequential Voltage Source
  • 1 Model 259e Twisted Waveform Generator
  • 1 Model 261e Complex Waveform Generator
  • 1 Model 267e Uncertainty Source/Dual Filter
  • 1 Model 281e Quad Function Generator
  • 1 Model 285e Freq Shifter / Balanced Modulator
  • 1 Model 292e Quad Dynamics Manager







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Mattsynth    Said...

A more affordable Buchia at 15K. Are you joking? Who can afford that in this economy.

31-Jan-12 08:28 AM

hogberto    Said...

$15,000. And yet the usual shit and music-free modular demo duly ensues.

31-Jan-12 05:15 PM

joe    Said...

My Grunding shortwave radio makes sounds like that for a tiny fraction of the price

31-Jan-12 05:17 PM

hspaman    Said...

It is not that horribly expensive for a company or a studio. I agree that what we heard was horrible, strange that they allow a demo with those unsellable noises. Still I want one. Must bu used in the dark so you can enjoy the leds and displays

01-Feb-12 05:37 AM

Eny5A    Said...

joe: Even a grand Steinway piano sounds horribly in bad hands ...

01-Feb-12 07:47 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

hspaman, $15,000.00 is very expensive for any studio. I myself know studios do not have money to burn on outrageously pricy analoge synths. For that price you could outfit a couple very large eurorack setups with lots of goodies.

02-Feb-12 02:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

$15k - affordable? I think Buchla are living on a different planet to the rest of us.

04-Feb-12 06:40 PM

yikes    Said...

Probably good that Don B. sold the company. I think he got out just in the nick of time. Why would anyone even consider that horrendous sounding joke for $15K when you can get a shiny new Mac running AAS Tassman for a fifth of that?

06-Feb-12 07:12 PM

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