MIDI-fy Your Monotribe With MIDITRIBE IO

Retrofit kit from Amazing Machines      13/02/12
MIDI-fy Your Monotribe With MIDITRIBE IO

We reviewed the Monotribe from Korg some time back and one of our criticisms was the difficulty in playing the thing via the fiddly touchstrip keyboard. However, one of the plus points was also the user modification potential, should one choose to get the screwdriver out and get busy with the circuit board.

Amazing Machines have capitalized on this and designed the MIDITRIBE IO a retrofit board (we inderstand its a simple job to install), which adds both MIDI in and MIDI out. We have a willing Monotribe here and are awaiting delivery of the kit as we speak. In the meantime, here's a teaser image that was supplied by Amazing Machines over the weekend.




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GTRman    Said...

This is a great idea and will make the Monotribe somewhat useful. By the time you add up all the modifications you could of purchased a real instrument.

13-Feb-12 09:17 AM

Michael    Said...

incredible expensive. (the upgrade costs more than a half monotribe incl. shipping.)

13-Feb-12 01:37 PM

Michael    Said...

incredible expensive. (the upgrade costs more than a half monotribe incl. shipping.)

13-Feb-12 01:37 PM

raphus    Said...

I'm still holding out for a Monotribe-Microkorg lovechild with honest-to-goodness keys.

13-Feb-12 06:32 PM

Woo    Said...

You can get a well-regarded kit for almost half that price on ebay.

13-Feb-12 09:44 PM

fightmp3    Said...

$99? - no way monotribe D.I.Y. MIDI costs about $10

14-Feb-12 07:04 AM

Stancy Brown    Said...

Very high price and inconvenient. I have found a nicer and cheaper variant here http://www.altmustech.com/um-q110.html (USB option) and http://www.altmustech.com/mm-q110.html MIDI option all around USD20 :)

11-Jun-13 02:02 AM

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