Roland Juno 2012 - Two Juno 106 Synths Combine Into A Monster

And it looks mighty fine too      03/08/12 have built a monster Juno by bionically splicing two together into a monster poly. As well as putting them into a . The sum of the two in this case is far more than just putting two together. are also available for modifications if you need their services - looks like they know what they are doing...


The Juno 2012 is two Roland Juno 106's in a custom case giving the Juno 2 parallel oscillators, LFO's Envelopes and filters per voice, Front panel fine-tuning for each synth provided and then running through parallel filters with a cross fading mix control. One runs as a master synthesizer and one as a slave you can edit both from the master panel or with the different setting of the rear function switch you can edit separate patches on each. these both run through the same chorus and jack board for a full stereo mix out at the rear and you can set each to a different midi channel for multi timbrel control. Also added is polyphonic filter frequency modulation of the master synthesizer's filters using the slaves synthesizers voices as mixable modulation sources. This pushes the sound creation potabilities of the Juno-2012 far beyond its original design





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jup5r    Said...

shame roland will never do anything as cool as this

03-Aug-12 01:28 PM

Derek    Said...

Yeah. Let's see *your* Dark Energy/Little Phatty/Minibrute, Roland! You can do it!

Or maybe we can just throw our money at the exceedingly cool and well-crafted Junior-106 instead:

03-Aug-12 01:35 PM

thomasdeyo    Said...

damn that's really cool

03-Aug-12 02:05 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Excellent idea!

By the way - the URL link to the company at the end of the piece is not working - it looks like you've let out the "http://" behind the scenes as clicking on it says the protocol is not known.

03-Aug-12 07:16 PM

pedantic    Said...

"sound creation potabilities"

Potability means "fitness for drinking".

04-Aug-12 05:00 AM

Chris    Said...

It does sound cool. Although I feel sorry for the one Juno that got butchered.

04-Aug-12 07:14 PM

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