Sonic Touch Ep 14 - Magellan and Cassini

Class compliant devices too      29/08/12

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on touchscreen devices.

This week we take a look at the new upodate to Animoog and hooking up class compliant devices for MIDI and audio connectivity. Then we check out two new synth releases
Yonac - Magellan and Icegear’s  Cassini

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions - please leave them below.

Featured Apps:
Animoog - innovative Moog synth at a price $29.99/ £20.99
Magellan- complex analog modelled synth $4.99 / £2.99
Cassini - clean, tabbed synth  $4.99 /£2.99



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Japansynth    Said...

You sound a little underwhelmed. Not quite sure you quantified why. Is it less impressive because it's not the first? Are the screens really too busy?

30-Aug-12 06:10 AM

Japansynth    Said...

Ah right! My post was about the magellan review. I see now you are contrasting it with the cassini interface. Still not entirely sure the magellan is that perplexing though. More than the animoog you think?

30-Aug-12 06:26 AM

Leslie    Said...

At this price point it is no brainer, I have bought both of them immediately ;) BTW; Brilliant show as usual, but not happening often enough ;)

31-Aug-12 04:36 AM

shane    Said...

eny more on io dock your videos

03-Sep-12 05:19 PM

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