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The new pro module stuffed with sounds      21/09/12

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The new Roland Integra-7 sound module was announced at the start of the month. Essentially, it has the sound engine of the flagship Jupiter 80 - with the SuperNATURAL tones and Behaviour Modelling and 128 voice polyphony. There are some changes  though, the performance structure - 1 effect for each of the 16 multi-timbral parts, they added 12 SRX boards worth of PCM sounds - essentially all the PCM sounds from the JV, XV and D series sounds, a 5.1 Motional Surround system, multiple audio outputs and a comprehensive iPad editing system - including the same synth editing available on the JP-80.

Designed they say, as a compositional tool it has over 6,300 sounds on board, AND will also be compatible with the upcoming Roland Legacy Collection (as will the JP-50) - a selection of sounds programmed in SuperNatural synth tones to emulate (or assimilate as the teaser implies) a bunch of vintage Roland synths.

Independent product demonstrator Gareth Bowen came down to spread the word - even after the last visit, when I was accused of unspeakable rudeness in my pursuit of facts  by some commenters. I promised to be polite this time and not fade out his demo early..

Integra-7 is available in October priced at £1200 or so.



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worldblee    Said...

Nice overview. I appreciated the give and take of intelligent questions and response. With regard to the JP-80 demo, I never thought it was rude--Gareth is basically there to sell a product and as the journalist in the presentation Nick is entitled to be skeptical.

This looks like a nice unit--not suitable for all styles but for a classic Roland approach to traditional acoustic and electronic sounds this sounds great.

21-Sep-12 11:09 AM

Prital    Said...

Excellent presentation as always Nick - Thank you! I think this is great product and with all the SRX sounds built-in I thinks is a great deal. Hardware is reliable - and that matters to me much more than wasting time around with huge software synths to load and dare I say "upgrade". Just to put things in perspective I bought my Roland Fantom XR for £850 back in 2005 and that came without any SRX boards. If I could spend the money again I would and I would buy the Integra. Roland customer support in the UK has been top notch so credit where its due. Shame that the "Studio Sets" as I understand it does not remember the associated selection of virtual SRX slots - kinda lame, but hey. Would also like to have seen a PC editor/libraian for us non-mac users.

All in all the Integra seems like a very attractive offering. Just my two-cents thank you Nick once again. Legend!

Prital - South London, UK

21-Sep-12 01:07 PM


I owned a jv1080 from new and used and owned it for about a decade, and it was maxed out with vintage, strings, world and one other board ( cant remember). It cost me 940 pounds new back in 1994/5 , so in comparison this is a bargain. Only problem is that so many people now own os many plugs and libraries for DAWS, that the market has totally changed. Roland are still the masters, in my opinion, at doing romplers; this sounds very very lush.

21-Sep-12 01:41 PM

Selercs    Said...

Japanese technology at its best (Roland) meets American technology at its best (iPad) meets British reviewer at his best... Thanks for the review! Love the fact that we can use iPad to edit the sounds. Wonder if we will ever have a Logic editor etc.

One small critic - no mention was made of controlling the parameters with Roland Midi controller: I saw Roland's presentation where Scott Tibbs from Roland US (sound designer for Roland) shows off parameter tweaking via Roland A88. That wasn't explained much here.

Other than that, great review...better than Roland's itself.

21-Sep-12 09:10 PM

Salvation    Said...

Much better this time Nick , so I won't give you a hard time like I did before . One question i think needs to be asked is why does it seem like Integra has more sounds than JP-80 .What would be the point of getting a JP-80 beside touch screen , sliders and buttons .

23-Sep-12 12:08 AM

Salvation    Said...

Much better this time Nick , so I won't give you a hard time like I did before . One question i think needs to be asked is why does it seem like Integra has more sounds than JP-80 .What would be the point of getting a JP-80 beside touch screen , sliders and buttons .

23-Sep-12 12:09 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Sounds like a great product.

I was wondering if this can intelligently split voices like the JP-80 can. For example, if you play a single line, a string quartet plays in unison, but play a chord, and it'll voice it out like a real string section in real time. The 80 does this; can the module??

23-Sep-12 03:01 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Nick you're forgiven!!

Fantastic unit - though not providing 6/8 channels of audio out over USB is, IMO, a huge oversight on Roland's part. It means you can't record Motional Surround into a DAW recording (without routing the unit's 6 / 8 analogue outputs into a DAW via another interface.

Have to say - don't get why Roland bothered to offer this surround if you can't record it - USB is capable of handling dozens of audio channels.

Major oversight

23-Sep-12 05:57 AM

QuinnX    Said...

At around 5:30 he was asked if you could boot up with your favorite cards and he says NO.. This is INCORRECT! Page 15 of the manual clearly states YOU CAN set your 4 favorite cards to load on boot up.. I think he needs revisit he product and do the presentation again.

24-Sep-12 11:20 AM

belly mice    Said...

Anyone know if the 8 out puts are balanced or just the two XLR. Thanks.

25-Sep-12 12:55 AM

Nomad    Said...

Why doesn't the Integra-7 include the arpeggiator that is used to such good effect to animate SuperNatural patches on the JP-80? This seems like a dumb omission.

25-Sep-12 09:21 PM

gaz    Said...

that was great, both informative and entertaining. thank you both for going to all the trouble. the price seems very reasonable to me, with one of these you wouldn't need anything else :)

06-Oct-12 04:58 PM

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