Expert Sleepers ES-6 Does Very Cool CV Things

Get your computer to join the modular gang      14/02/13

Expert Sleepers ES-6 demo


Another great demo from Oz from Expert Sleepers - the guy behind the hardware and the software (A Slient Way). We reviewed the ES-3 ADAT/CV Eurorack module while back. Since then there's been a new version of A Silent Way - the software part of the CV control system that  totally integrates your DAW with your Eurorack.

In this demo Oz records some CV into Live, and also runs some real-time CV manipulation too. Mind-blowing.

Expert Sleepers ES-6 is available now at £132 (inc VAT) and allows you to take 6 channels of CV into ADAT so you can record or manipulate the signals via software.




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loneraver    Said...

I wish they'd have versions of their converters that were standalone and did not require a Eurorack rack. I'd love to control CV/Gate on some old monosynths without having to buy a modular.

14-Feb-13 06:46 PM

Suva    Said...

You can use the Silent Way plugins with a regular audio interface too. Except it may not work on all interfaces.

15-Feb-13 01:22 AM


I don't have a DC coupled interface and it doesn't look there is a large amount of interfaces that are other than MOTU. I am not about to buy a MOTU interface.

16-Feb-13 12:44 PM

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