Church Organ For Kontakt

MaxSynths releases Orgelwerke      02/09/13

Orgelwerke from MaxSynths is a church organ library for Kontakt. They tell us that, based on the same concept of aPiano, all samples of the library has been modeled in a dedicated software following mathematical calculations with the challenge to create a good church organ sound for everyday usage.
All sounds has been sampled at 96Khz 24bit to ensure the best possible audio quality.


  • SAMPLE RATE: 96Khz - 24bit
  • SIZE (download/uncompressed): 144/160MB
  • NUMBER OF WAVs: 61



  • Orgelwerke I - "Tutti" configuration, suitable for most of the classic church organ works.
  • Orgelwerke II - "Tutti" configuration with a higher register added. More incisive and clean sound.
  • Orgelwerke Soft - High register only


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