Apogee Symphony I/O On Sale

Save $499 on the 2x6 configuration      03/06/14

Apogee Symphony I/O On Sale

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Apogee Electronics has announced a limited-time 20% discount for their Symphony I/O 2x6 configuration. Now available for $1999,  Apogee says that the 2x6 configuration is the most affordable option to experience Apogee's world-class Symphony I/O AD/DA conversion.  A spokesperson told us, "This summer is the perfect time to upgrade the quality of your digital audio as this incredible savings of $499 will only last until September 30, 2014."

Here's more details in Apogee's own words...

Featuring two line-level analog inputs, six analog outputs, and a range of digital connectivity, the 2x6 is an ideal fit for those that demand world-class sound quality in a modest channel count. With built-in 5.1 surround monitoring capabilities, Symphony I/O 2x6 configuration is optimized for both music production as well as video post production. 

Symphony I/O, Apogee's flagship audio interface and AD/DA converter, is the culmination of 25 years of Apogee's award-winning design experience. Using the most advanced components available such as the ESS Sabre32 DAC, Apogee engineers created an extremely efficient circuit and power design resulting in a significant improvement in audio clarity and transparency over any previous Apogee product.

Connect Symphony I/O to any Mac-based Thunderbolt, Pro Tools HD, or USB audio workstation or in standalone mode to any digital I/O source for unparalleled performance across todays most popular audio platforms. Symphony I/O is the preferred AD/DA converter and interface for many of the biggest name artists, producers and engineers such as Bob Ludwig, Spike Stent, Nathan Chapman, Dave Tozer and Jim James. 

Symphony I/O Highlights

  • Best sounding Apogee interface ever
  • Best price-per-channel value of any professional audio interface
  • Complete compatibility with Audio Interface Modes (AIM)
  • Expand with 5 available I/O Modules and 8 channel mic preamp module
  • Up to 32 channels of simultaneous analog and digital I/O per unit
  • Ultra-low latency performance
  • Future-proof modular architecture

Pricing and Availability:

Symphony I/O 2x6 Sale Price: $1999 USD (originally $2495)

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