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From Nyborg to Leipzig      12/08/15

Analogue Solutions make Synthesizers, Drum Machines and eSquencers - standalone, modular, semi modular and Eurorack.

We're stepping out of the synth-belt of the mid-west USA to central UK where Tom Caprenter makes his systems. The Nyborg, Leipzig,  Telemark, Vostok and Polymath are but a few of the range. Tom is really into electronic music of all kinds and just wants to make

"The music products I create are aimed solely at making it easy for musicians to continue making the sounds and music I love. I design pure traditional analogue synths and drums. My digital products have an analogue feel. I make sequencers, synthesisers and drums - a complete package to create great electronic music. There is no lengthy learning curve of software interfaces. The options are stripped back to the essential just like the good old days. "

Tom treats us to a selection of shots from his place of work, he also has plenty of original vintage equipment to indulge his passion.

Prototypes and more

The white products are relatively new.

In the middle we have the Nyborg-12. This is a compact version of our popular Telemark synth (almost the same but without the modular patch bay). Nyborg-12 is totally analogue - the entire audio AND modulation signal patch. No software modulation, and no CPU quantisation of every parameter (often found in contemporary 'analogue' synths).

The product on the right is our very new Megacity analogue step sequencer. 64 step and insanely versatile.

Left black is a new product we will be launching in about a week! So watch on social media and the web site for details.

Analoguse Solutions Demo Station 1

Some of our AS demo gear in the centre: Voice box speaker modules, Oberkorn step sequencer, and Vostok Deluxe pin matrix modular synth. To the left the Telemark analogue synth.

Two vintage synths featured are amongst my favourites: Oberhem Xpander and Korg 770

Analogue Solutions more demo gear

More  demo gear. Left to right is Polymath paraphonic analogue modular synth, Telemark, Leizpig-S, and Oberkorn step sequencer. Hiding in there too is our VCS3 and System 100m cabinets.

Leipzig SK

Analogue Solutions Leipzig-SK analogue monosynth. Totally analogue audio and modulation signal paths. Sounds amazing. Below is our Waldorf XTK.

Analogue Solutions stock room

To keep all these products going is a lot of stock. This isle just shows some of the packaging, PCBs, rack ears. There are many more isles off camera!

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