Roland Synth Engine Powers Electric Car

Fancy some bleep-bleep with that vroom-vroom?      19/08/15

Roland Synth Engine Powers Electric Car

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I didn't see this one coming... and thinking about it, without this kinda tech, I probably wouldn't have heard it coming either... but we've just had word that Roland's SuperNATURAL synth engine is going to be providing the sounds for the new ZZ electric sports car from vehicle manufacturer GLM.

The thinking seems to be... folks who like fast cars dig the whole package - a big part of that is the sensory experience of actually driving a sports car; and a big chunk of 'that' is the sound and vibrational feedback that lets you know you're putting your foot to the floor and slamming it.
And without a buch of pistons screaming away and exhaust pipe thrumming, you just ain't got the whole package, no?

So there's gotta be some kind of audio experience which links directly to what you're doing - and the design of Roland's SuperNATURAL technology is aimed at precisely that scenario; responding to physical variations in 'playing technique' to provide appropriate sonic feedback.

Only in this case it's engine noises (and presumably other auditory and vibratory aspects) that'll change in response to the driving variables.

Kinda neat, huh?

Not only that, the possibilities of picking your own custom sonic pallete is about as broad as you'd like to get!

The press release mentions having 'futuristic' sound sets available...
I can envisage buying custom engine sound banks... want the sound of the Enterprise as you put your foot down? Check.
Slam the brakes on to a full-on Hollywood movie style orchestra crescendo? Check.
Kitten mutating into a tiger's roar as you pull away from that pedestrian crossing? Or maybe you could play that 'Jaws' du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-du-doohh as you slowly cruise the streets?
The possibilities are endless ;-]

Checkout the Press Release here...

And we found some video snippets...

ZZ_FOS2015 from GLM on Vimeo.

See if you can spot the sound of the ZZ in this montage of 'Sounds of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015'


Andy McCreeth


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