Propellerhead Releases Figure For Windows 10

Free music-making app is now available for Windows 10 mobile and desktop      10/12/15

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Propellerhead has announced that Figure is now available for Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones. Previously only available on iOS but with a path to work on Figure creations in Reason, its a major shift, and perhaps signals amongst the first app developers to buy into the Windows 10 everywhere concept.

Windows 10 has enabled Figure to be run on phone/tablet/PC, a model that must surely appeal to developers as it opens up an extremely large number of devices - though of course, Windows 10 on phones has some way to go before it gets near iOS.

A spokesperson said, "Make music in seconds and collaborate with others using Figure, the universally acclaimed music-making app for instant inspiration."

Pricing and Availability:
Free download from the Windows Store.

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