London Modular Alliance: Live Modular Rig

2 thirds of the Alliance talk us through their rig      11/12/15

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The London Modular Alliance is a live electro outfit made up of Koova, Yes Effect and Pip Williams. They are also the guys behind the London Modular shop based in Hackney Wick. The premise of the Alliance is this; 3 men, no computers, no button pushing just live modular improvisation.

In this video we chatted to two thirds of the LMA, Gav (Koova) and Simon (Yes Effect) about how they set up their rig for this performance. Its all starts with the clock, split to go to the two rigs to keep them locked together, from their each performer has a different role within the Alliance.

Gav is strictly on melodies and bass lines and Si is the drum machine. Gav's system is run from the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor allowing him to change up the rhythms of melodic lines on the fly, whilst keeping everything in time.

Si runs his system from the accent out of the Miami drum machine, an 808 clone. From there the accent is run into the Circadian Rhythms to trigger envelopes and drum modules within his system.

Head over to London Modular Alliance's Souncloud to check out their sounds. Also keep up to date on their newsfeed to check up coming shows.


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