Best Synth and Module Of 2015 Poll Results!

You voted, we counted.      23/12/15

Its been a bumper year for the synthesist, with so many new instruments and the huge rise in interest of the Eurorack modular format we're spoilt for choice. Back at the start of the month, we asked you to choose your favourites with our Best Synth Of 2015 and Best Eurorack Module of 2015 polls.

You have voted and now the results are in:

Best Synth of 2015 -

1. Dave Smith Instruments/ Sequential Prophet 6

Dave's new analog voiced poly synth, which also has the Sequential name back. A popular choice.

2.Moog Mother 32

the self-contained synthesizer voice and sequencer in Eurorack format - a first for Moog and hopefully a sign of more things to come.

3. Korg Arp Odyssey

- kind of a no brainer this, a faithful  re-boot of the classic ARP synthesizer

Best Eurorack Module of 2015 -

Mutable Instruments Clouds

- granular richness and epic ambience has made this one of the more desirable modules this year

2. Make Noise tHARMONIC

- a pure DSP synthesizer voice with Additive, Phase Distortion and Noise Synthesis coded by Tom Erbe.

3. Tip Top Audio Circadian Rhythms

-Grid sequencer on steroids, can be used at the heart of a modular sequencer setup to trigger drums and send clock to other sequencers and modules

Full Results:

Best Synth 2015 Results

Best Eurorack 2015 Results



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